This one for you Zoe


“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” — Lauren Hutton

I think it’s ok to say that when it comes to starting your own brand and business, you don’t get the support from your local peers. Gaining support from other locals is extremely hard. Its all about who you know and popularity. For years, I was scared and nervous to start my own brand and blogging simply because of the lack of support. Once I officially launch my blog, I gained so much support in one week! I gained 500 views in one week! And ever since then, my blog been very successful. I want others to feel the same feeling of being supported. Being in New Orleans, I’ve noticed a lot of males don’t support each other as much like a female would. I believe females support each other way more than males. Telling a New Orleans male to support another male is extremely hard! I asked one male why don’t males support other males, and he simply told me, “People would think you’re riding a bandwagon.” I was taken back by the statement until I realized that’s how most to all males feel. 

I love showing New Orleans how much I love and support everything they’re doing and so I decided to do just that! I got the chance to finally talk to Zoe, a local fashion designer that had a few words to say about his brand and the support within our community! This one for you Zoe. One of the freshest and youngest males to create a diverse brand. A brand that has too much sauce. Lately, I’ve been wanting to shine some light on a local New Orleans male, and Zoe wanted to step up and do so. This one is for you Zoe. I never imagine New Orleans males giving each other the opportunity to grow and achieve. It’s like fighting for survival. A lot of crabs in a bucket. So this one for you Zoe, a talented young male trying to branch out. 


Too Much Sauce LLC since March 21, 2016. I’ve first started my clothing line my first year of college and it has been a wonderful experience to enjoy something I’ve always been passionate about. TMS wasn’t just a Brand to me it was a way of Fashion because everyone has their own “Sauce” that makes them Unique. Fashion has always been my thing. In 5 Years, I See my Brand TMS In many different states worn by male or female, young or old. Being in the fashion industry has excited me to excel and show everyone my different ideas I have to bring to the table. I always think about what looks good and what doesn’t. Fashion is not just limited to clothing and other things you see in a fashion show. Fashion is everywhere you look. Every day I wake up thinking about how I can build my brand and be better than the next.

What challenges did you encounter while starting up your brand?

With my Brand, there wasn’t really a  big obstacle that I couldn’t over come, but the minor things were shipments coming in and printing shop dateline. But finding legit and professional wholesale websites is what took up most of the Energy I put into my Brand.

Do you believe New Orleans males show enough support when it comes to other male business owners? 

When it comes to supporting each other in the city of New Orleans, I feel as if this generation lacks supporting each other. We would rather bring each other down before giving positive feedback. I just think of the things that one person could do on their own. If we all support each other as one, our city would be invincible. So when it comes to supporting each other in New Orleans, that’s one major key that we have to work on. 


Did college ever interfere with starting up your brand?

What motivated me to go ahead and start my brand “TMS” is when I got to Southern University and met Ezzy and Busta. Also, college played a big role in making sure that I had discovered myself in the fashion industry. Ezzy and Busta had their own wave of “Minati” which is also a local fashion brand here in New Orleans. They told me it was easy just be motivated and the support will come.

Any tips for any local males and females for starting up their brand? 

I would advise them to be their self and let their inner greatness out. Also not to be Afraid to try new things. And lately, have a meaningful and creative Brand to Start your Legacy. 

Do you plan on collab with other local fashion brands? if so who do you have in mind?

In the near future, I would love to collaborate with different brands outside of my city. Collaborating with brands and other major cities would Build More clientele and more support from other places that TMS hasn’t been exposed to yet. But if I was to collaborate one person from my city it would be Tunechi.

Did you think about opening up your own store front? 

In 5 Years I see my brand in clothing stores that I will own also open stores in Atlanta after graduating from Southern University in Business Management. The Store name will Be “AYITI” which is Creole, but it’s English it is Haiti. I chose that name because of my   Haitian heritage.  

What made you want to start up your own brand? Who inspired you the most? 

TMS was a Nickname Tevin King gave me in High School, but his version was “Too Much Swag”. I turned it into something greater so that I could share my Fashion ideas with my Friends and Family. Having my own Brand is something that I always dream about, building to leave an empire behind for my Kid’s kids.
You know what I enjoy most about blogging? Having a real love for what I do. And I see what Zoe and other brands feel when you finally achieve something and take pride in what you put out. Until then xoxo – Bossy K 

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