How To Be A Girl Boss



” I fought so long to have my voice heard, and to have a seat at the table, that I realized the best way to do it was to BUILD MY OWN DAMN TABLE” – Bossy K 


Being a Girl Boss is more than the glitz and glamor. It’s about building and maintaining! And what I mean about maintaining is making sure everything is a GO! Growing up in a successful household, the pressure is always on you. What you’re going to be in life? How you’re going to support yourself? Will you go to college? Will you finish? What are your goals? What’s your plan A.B.C.D.E.F and G? At the age of 14, I knew I wanted to become a doctor because I love science and helping others. I also had a passion for writing and pursued blogging. But outside of blogging, I plan on branding myself. I want my college years to be as successful as possible! Becoming a Girl Boss isn’t easy and WON’T happen overnight. It’s about building and maintaining! Building yourself to the top and once you’re at the top maintaining it. 

Before you jump into branding yourself, think about these three things: Who will your audience be? What are you selling/making/doing? And How will they benefit from it? When you target a particular group, you want to think about demographics. In my opinion, females give the best support, therefore my audience will be females of all ethics. “What are you selling/doing?” Think of a unique item you are willing to sell or a service that you will provide; rather its hair, clothing, jewelry, haircare/skincare, makeup service, hair service, or a lash tech. And that brings me to “How will they benefit from it?” Will it make their appearance better? Will it have good quality? Will it last? How long will it last? 

Now that you have all of those things understood, now it’s time to go through the steps of the process. 



It’s very hard to see success without goals. From financial goals to growth goals, to customer service and networking goals, writing down goals can play a big part in the blooming of your girl boss business. Write your goals down! Putting pen to paper forces you to focus on what you really want and what you think you can achieve. 


You can’t get to where you want to be without a clear vision. Why? Because without a vision you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve. Sit down and craft a well thought out vision. This will give your business a clear focus and keep you from going off in all the wrong directions.


When it comes down to starting up a business, you want to get your LLC, trademark, and copyright. In order to sell in Louisiana, you must obtain your LLC and a permit. Think of a name for your business, and get it copyrighted and LLC. Therefore no one can take your name! Keep those documents in a special folder for business handling purposes only. Starting a business will not happen in months. DO NOT RUSH THE PROCESS. Trust your process. Map out and plan out. Have a budget. Do your research. When becoming a Girl Boss, you don’t want your business to flop before you even start it. You want to be a smart business woman.


Networking and social media is the #1 source for building your brand! Talking to other business owners and reaching out. Asking questions. Some business owners may be a little cheeky with their information, but most are very open with information! Social media also helps build your clientele. Give your customers a reason to come back! Have deals and special giveaways. Host day parties and pop-up shops. Attend other pop-up shops and day parties. Support others. Market your brand by chatting and giving out business cards. Satisfy customers will ALWAYS recommend your business to others.


When giving out a service or item, I observe the quality that’s being provided. No one will buy it if the quality is poor! Invest Invest Invest! Invest into the high-quality items. Test it on yourself before you give it out to others. If you don’t like it, 9/10 your customers won’t either. When I shop for items, I always observe the packaging. The cutest packaging always catches my eyes first. Making sure your customer can benefit from it. Giving out your BEST work and putting 100% into it. Never half step your brand. Make sure its always up to part and never lacking. 


One of the best ways to stay in front of your clients and potential customers is by sending out a monthly online newsletter that focuses on one piece of useful information each month. You need to be in front of their clients and potential customers all times. You can’t predict when the customer will have an immediate need and be ready to buy. A monthly newsletter with helpful tips is a good way to have regular, ongoing and positive contact with prospective clients. Create a contact page on your website so your customers have a easy way of reaching you!


Set a budget before starting your brand. Don’t spend all of your money while trying to get your brand off the ground. SAVE SAVE SAVE! Open up a savings account at a different banking account from your checkings account. If you have a job, take some of that money and put it towards your savings. Create a pricing list and make sure you will profit from those sells. 


Its ok not to be educated on how to start a business because its not easy. Read books about business and female entreputers. Google free eCourses on how to be more successful. Gain tips from those books! My favorite book is Girl Boss by Sophia A. I’ve gain plenty of knowledge on how to better my well being and my brand/blog! Google will be your bestfriend when starting a brand. 


Be hungry! Go get yours before somebody else get it. If those critics don’t wanna let you sit with them at the table, CREATE your own table. Take advangte of ALL oppurunities giving to you. Don’t doubt yourself, but better yourself. Secure the bag young boss!

Trust The Process 

xoxo – Bossy K 

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